The AIP are pleased to advise that our two latest graduates from the Certificate in Packaging are both from Queensland companies, Majans and InLine NutraLabs. Ke (Alex) Wu AAIP is a Food Technologist at Majans and Lea Reynolds AAIP is the Commercialisation Manager at InLine NutraLabs. Please join us in congratulating both Alex and Lea for this outstanding achievement and we look forward to watching their career progressions.

The Certificate in Packaging is the ideal first qualification for those working in the packaging industry and an introduction to the industry for those starting out on an exciting career in packaging.

1. What is your current role? What are your areas of responsibility?

My current role is Food Technologist, basically developing new products & their specification, reviewing and approving labels & artwork including all claims & barcodes, regulatory checks, developing new packaging, organising production trials, customer tender submission, APCO reporting, etc.

I currently work as Commercialisation Manager for a medium sized Queensland company that produce and pack powdered food products for the Complimentary Health Care Market.  My main area of responsibility is to assist our clients with their packaging needs including recommending packaging materials and optimum pack sizing as required, sourcing packaging from existing and new suppliers ensuring all packaging meets food quality requirements, and making sure the packaging will function on the equipment in our production facility, and be suitable for the distribution and retail environment.

2. What does graduating from the Certificate in Packaging mean to you?

Graduating from the Certificate in Packaging degree is definitely an accomplishment of my study in the past year, and I am very pleased that it came with good results and I think it also opens a new door for me to explore other opportunities.

Graduating from the Certificate in Packaging means that I can now finally say after 11 years of working in and around packaging that I have a certified qualification thus adding further value to my current role and providing reassurance and confidence in my abilities as a Packaging Technologist.

3. How will you apply this knowledge moving forward?

Attaining a Certified in Packaging consolidates the knowledge I am currently using during my work, and also offers me a tool when exploring new things at work, as I know where to find the information I need, or I know what to do next when facing new challenges.

The knowledge that I have gained has already allowed me to have more thought provoking and detailed conversations, especially with packaging manufacturers and suppliers.  With the knowledge that I have gained, I hope that I can assist and educate others to make informed packaging choices.

4. Do you have any advice on why other people should complete the Certificate in Packaging?

Once you start the Certificate in Packaging carry it through to the end. It is not that scary once you completed it and can look back on how far you have come and what you have achieved.

The Certificate in Packaging is a great introduction to packaging for anyone just starting out in the packaging industry or who like myself, is working in the packaging industry but has not yet completed any formal qualification and wants to enhance their knowledge and understanding.  The course provides an overview of all types of packaging along with sharing information on the entire packaging process from manufacture to distribution.

5. So where to from here for your career?

I still feel comfortable with my current role, however, I am now more prepared for any upcoming changes and challenges. I want to keep absorbing new information as it could all be used as advantages in the future for your career.

I enjoy working in the packaging industry and hope to remain involved in and around packaging for the foreseeable future.  With the attention that is being shown in sustainable packaging within the company I work for and with the 2025 National Packaging Targets set by the Government fast approaching, it will be an interesting yet challenging few years ahead and an exciting time to be part of the packaging industry.

6. Will you consider applying to become a Certified Packaging Professional as your next professional development stage?

Not yet, but it is good to start thinking what it could mean to me.

I would like to eventually sit the Certified Packaging Professional (CCP) exam to gain this designation.  I may first consider undertaking the Diploma in Packaging Technology degree to further broaden and enhance my technical knowledge and to increase readiness to sit the CPP exam.

Lea, you received your Certificate as an ABA Scholarship winner – what does winning the scholarship mean to you? Any advice for those applying for a scholarship in the future?

It was a great honour to have been awarded this scholarship and I am still truly grateful to AIP and ABA for providing me with this amazing opportunity.  Winning the scholarship has helped boost my confidence both personally and professionally.  Having the faith of the AIP and ABA behind me, and through the support that has been provided during my studies, I have learned that I am capable. To anyone considering applying for the scholarship, go for it and if at first you are unsuccessful, reapply.

The Certificate in Packaging is a Level 3 PIABC course that is recognised as giving an excellent foundation in, and introduction to, the packaging industry. The new course provides a level of insight and understanding of the packaging industry that adds real and measurable value to careers and businesses.

The Certificate in Packaging provides a level of insight and understanding of the packaging industry that adds real and measurable value to careers and businesses. This qualification provides you with the detailed overview of packaging materials and processes that broadens your knowledge and equips you for progression within the packaging industry.


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