The AIP offers a range of educational opportunities to individuals and packaging departments seeking to expand their knowledge and commercial opportunities across the breadth of the packaging industry. These courses are internationally accredited by the PIABC in the UK and are the benchmark for training worldwide. Graduates of AIP courses are recognised internationally, expanding their global employment opportunities. The AIP also offers a program of half-day training courses that provide key up-to-date information on specific areas within the packaging industry.

The AIP’s flagship course is the Diploma in Packaging Technology, a Level 5 qualification developed to provide in-depth understanding of the packaging industry aimed principally at technologists and managers whose jobs have a packaging focus. As AIP Members, Diploma graduates are entitled to use the designatory letters Dip.Pkg.Tech. MAIP.

Also offered is the Certificate in Packaging, a Level 3 qualification which has a broad appeal to people who are embarking on a career in packaging through to established individuals working in fields such as marketing, purchasing or logistics, for whom a more detailed understanding of packaging will assist them to develop their role. The Certificate’s modular nature means that students can select from a broad range of subjects to tailor a course relevant to their needs. NB: AIP courses do not qualify for Australian Government student grants.

“We can provide people with educational opportunities today, to meet the demands of the workplaces of tomorrow. Education is for life — it is an investment that cannot be lost, spent or taken away. Distance Learning does however demand self discipline and the ability to apply oneself constantly to one’s studies, so students must understand this and ensure that they are prepared and able, in terms of self discipline, to accept this challenge. The advantages of distant learning or studying on-line is that one can study when and where you like.

People need to have a goal, and be equipped to make it a reality. They need to be able to understand what is available to them, identify their strengths, and then make choices that will lead to a fulfilling and challenging career and result in a happy and productive life.”

Pierre Pienaar MSc (Brunel University, UK); FAIP, CPP
AIP Education Director