The Diploma in Packaging Technology is a Level 5 qualification which is internationally recognised for those wishing to pursue a career in the packaging industry or for those who are already in the industry and who wish to extend their knowledge and expertise. It has been offered by the AIP continuously since 1980 and has an exemplary record of successful students. It has now been revised and updated and is offered on-line. It is accredited by PIABC, the Packaging Industry Awarding Body Company, which is in turn accredited by OfQual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations).

The Diploma in Packaging Technology prepares students to take responsibility for packaging operations at any level through the supply chain. The qualification is comprehensive, and provides an opportunity to study the principles of packaging, packaging materials and packaging processes.

Whilst all units are designed to be ‘stand alones’, some items for example sustainability, quality and legislation appear as common themes across more than one unit. This should be recognised by tutors and links made in those cases where candidates are working across more than one unit.

It is our recommendation that students will be able to complete this course in 3 years with consistent application. The course fee covers membership of the AIP for 3 years. After 3 years membership will be at the expense of the student. It is a requirement that students be members of the AIP in order to graduate.

OPTION 1: Single Payment
$9,000 + GST – Paid at time of enrolment.

OPTION 2: Split Payment
Units 1-3
$6,500 + GST – Paid at time of enrolment.

Unit 4
$2,900 + GST – Paid prior to commencement of unit 4.

NB: a re-registration fee will be required if the Diploma and Certificate are not completed within a 3 year time frame.
*3 Years of complimentary AIP membership are included in your enrolment to the Certificate/Diploma course. If you have not completed your course within 3 years you will be sent a membership renewal invoice and will be required to maintain your AIP membership to complete the course.