PIDA Award winners recognised at the 2020 WorldStar Packaging – Special & Student Virtual Awards ceremony

On the 26th of August at the Virtual 2020 WorldStar Packaging Special Awards ceremony, the AIP saw the largest number of Australian and New Zealand companies recognised globally for their innovative packaging designs.


Can Save Food Packaging Design minimise Food Waste?

Did you know that 34% (2.5 million tonnes) of all Food Wasted occurs in the household, followed very closely with 31% (2.3 million tonnes) in primary production? In economic terms, Food Waste in Australia has become a $20 Billion problem that sees each person waste on average 298 KG of food a year.


Maria Becerril Roman: Innovative food solutions need the perfect package

Maria Becerril Roman (Mexico) was drawn to the Master of Food and Packaging Innovation by her curiosity about food and drive to improve the health and sustainability of our food systems. “You can have a great food product, but if you don’t get the packaging right it won’t sell or it won’t have a long shelf life and will be wasted, so packaging is an important component in the value of food,” she says.


2020 AIP Australasian Packaging Conference | Virtual Edition Oct 27-30

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) is very excited to announce that the 2020 AIP Australasian Packaging Conference will be moving to a Virtual Edition on the 27th to the 30th of October. The AIP has transferred the previous program over to the Virtual Edition and has also added some additional speakers . The new program now offers 74 speakers from 7 countries across 4 days with 28 hours of content. The beauty of the Virtual Edition is that if you are unable to attend all of the sessions you will not miss out.


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