AIP Welcomes New partner Zipform Packaging

The AIP would like to take this opportunity to welcome our latest National Partner Zipform Packaging. Zipform Packaging’s life started in 2010 with the formation of SOTA Packaging, which was the brainchild of David Kilpatrick and Eddy Pahor. Both men, with strong packaging pedigrees, wanted to build a business that serviced the food service sector but more importantly in parallel was going to bring to market a new form of rigid paper packaging, linear-formed rigid paper containers. The company’s vision was, and still remains, ‘more paper, less plastic.’ That maxim rings more true today than ever with the ever increasing focus on packaging recyclability.


Birdstone Proves Packaging Design with Clear 3D Printed Prototypes

3D Systems On Demand Manufacturing helps packaging design firm achieve aesthetic and functional prototypes with clear SLA 3D printing Anyone who has opened a box of crackers to find the contents reduced to broken bits and pieces knows firsthand the consequences of poor packaging. . Carman’s, an Australian food company passionate about only using the best ingredients, is mindful of how it delivers its products to consumers to ensure a high-quality experience before the first bite is ever taken.


Melbourne mum paves the way with reusable tray: 2018 PIDA Award finalist

PKN Packaging News Reports: Coffee cups have been the subject of heated debate this year – but few have stopped to consider the amount of throwaway drink trays Australians are using to carry the cups. Mum-of-two Kate Stewart is passionate about reducing the burden of waste where she can – and has designed a reusable drink tray to address the issue in a practical way.


AIP Helping Foodbank

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) has been a long-standing supporter of Foodbank across Australia through the Queensland Hamper program for over eight years now and is pleased to also introduce the new Victorian Warehousing Volunteer Program. The two programs are designed for everyone in the industry to get involved; regardless of where you live.


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