Redesigning packaging with reduce, reuse, recycle in mind

As a consumer, you might have heard about the “Waste Hierarchy” and the 5Rs. From a consumer perspective they are: Refuse – do not purchase unwanted items. Reduce – eliminate single-use packaging wherever possible. This means declining plastic coffee cups, shopping bags, straws and buying products that are sustainable. Reuse products more than once. Purchase reusable water bottles, keep-a-cups, and recyclable shopping bags Recycle – ensure that you place your products in the recycling bins and purchase products that are recyclable. Look for products that are using the new Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) to better understand the true recyclability of the materials.


Australia and New Zealand students take Best Student Awards for the Diploma in Packaging Technology qualification

Since 2005 the PIABC in the UK, who are the approved qualification regulator for the Diploma in Packaging Technology and the Certificate in Packaging, has annually awarded best students in the courses. The Best Student Award is given to the candidate with the best overall marks for the Diploma in Packaging Technology and since 2013 the PIABC have also been recognising the student with the best Diploma in Packaging Technology project. This year two Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) Members have been recognised for their outstanding results in the Diploma in Packaging Technology.


The role that resealable packaging plays in minimising food waste

With Australia producing 7.3 million tonnes of food waste across the supply and consumption chain and a Federal Government National Food Waste Strategy to halve food waste that goes to landfill by 2030 now is the time for packaging technologists to review pack designs that could minimise food waste and losses. According to the National Food Waste Baseline that was launched earlier this year in 2016-17 (the base year), 2.5 million tonnes (34 per cent) was created in our homes, 2.3 million tonnes (31 per cent) in primary production and 1.8 million tonnes (25 per cent) in the manufacturing sector.


AIP runs in-house training course for the Tetra Pak Oceania team

The AIP ran an in-house training course + Materials Recovery Facility tour for some of the Tetra Pak Oceania team in October. The Tetra Pak Oceania team undertook the AIP’s popular ‘Introduction to Sustainable Packaging Design’ training course and also had the opportunity to visit a working MRF to learn more about the true recyclability of packaging in Australia. The AIP can run a customised in-house version of any of the 22 courses available through the Institute for businesses in Australasia.


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