2018_VIC_Foodbank_1_1000pxThe Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) is pleased to advise that they have continued their long-standing partnership with Foodbank by introducing a new volunteering day in Victoria; with the first day held in October.

The new AIP Warehouse Volunteering Program allows our members to work directly with Foodbank Victoria to help the Yarraville Warehouse pick and pack on-line orders and mixed grocery boxes. The AIP Foodbank Warehouse Volunteering Program provided the opportunity to better understand how Foodbank works and was a combination of picking and packing of on-line food orders and packing mixed grocery boxes. The on-line orders have been placed by many of the 470 charity partners who look after the thousands of Victorians currently experiencing food insecurity. The mixed groceries items are donated by school students, community groups, clubs and corporate organisations who run food drives to provide the ingredients for the food boxes. Their charity partners are able to order these boxes which they then pass on to those families or individuals who need that extra help with grocery items.

The AIP Volunteering Program provided vital work supporting struggling Victorians and the contribution of the AIP Members is extremely valuable. Not only have their efforts supported Foodbank Victoria, they have supported numerouscharities across the state by packing their food orders, packing around 1600 boxes of cans and also packing a range of mixed vegetables for Foodbank Victoria. Together the AIP team packed a mammoth 21459 kgs, equivalent to approximately 38256 mealsfor our community. 38626 meals are the equivalent of feeding a family of 4, 3 meals a day for about 9 years. The AIP will continue this program in 2019 and will be announcing new dates shortly. All of industry is invited to join the AIP in this program. For more information please email info@aipack.com.au