partner_hbm_200x70Alucaps Group are one of South Americas largest supplier of high quality plastic and metal closures to the beverage, food and pharma industries, including the Coca Cola Group.

Alucaps has a long-standing partnership with Sacmi and their latest machine is no less than the 32nd model from the CCM series to be installed at one of Alucaps manufacturing facilities located in Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador and Guatemala.

Can two different caps be produced using the same die? With Sacmi compression technology the answer is yes, and this is just one of the reasons why the Alucaps Group decided to purchase an all-new Sacmi CCM64MB compression moulding closure system.

Designed to handle up to 1,600 caps a minute with just 64 cavities, the CCM64MB has one of the lowest cycle times in the industry (2.4 seconds) and can manufacture caps of variable diameter up to a maximum of 52 mm. Thanks to Sacmi compression technology, the machine can manufacture of caps with different designs (in this case, a cap for water and one for carbonate soft drinks) from the same dies. This can be achieved by varying the thickness of the upper cap section which can be set directly via the operator interface (HMI).

In addition to the ability to produce two different caps with one die, the reasons behind Alucaps continued trust in Sacmi includes the superiority of compression technology compared to alternative injection solutions and Sacmi’s ability to develop the lightest, highest performing plastic caps on the market.

The SACMI Group is represented in Oceania by HBM Plastics Technologies.

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