New Diploma in Packaging Technology Graduate | Leanne Tan, Dip.Pkg.Tech. MAIP
Product Specialist, San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation, Philippines.

diploma-graduate-leanne-tan-400pxThe AIP would like to congratulate our latest Diploma in Packaging Technology Graduate, Leanne, Dip.Pkg.Tech. MAIP, in the Philippines.  Leanne kindly shared with the AIP what she learnt during her studies…

Q1: What is your current role? What are your areas of responsibility?

My Current Role is a Product Specialist for a Packaging Manufacturing Company. My current areas of responsibility include new product, material and technology research and development, machine and mold acquisitions, customer servicing for customer technical requirements and product sourcing and trading.

Q2: What does graduating from the Diploma in Packaging Technology mean to you?

Graduating from the Diploma in Packaging Technology reassures me, my company and our customers of my capability as a Packaging Technologist.

Q3: You were the first student in forty years to ever achieve the Diploma so quickly. How long did it take and how difficult was it to complete so fast?

One of the advantages of working in a large packaging manufacturing company is that I am exposed to the different packaging manufacturing technologies. This, combined with my Chemical Engineering background allowed me to easily visualise and understand the different concepts discussed in the course. In terms of speed of completion, I completed the 1st 3 units in about 4 months. I took my time for unit 4 and all in all completed the whole course in less than 2 years.

Q4: You are the AIP’s first graduate from the Philippines as well. What does this mean to you?

One of the challenges in the Philippines is the lack of packaging related courses. Many of the packaging professionals do not have packaging related education background but instead they learn by experience while working in the packaging industry. Being the first graduate in the Philippines is a great honour as I can inspire others to follow my footsteps and help elevate the standard of education of the packaging industry in the Philippines.

Q5: How will you apply this knowledge moving forward?

Moving forward, I will use the knowledge I gained to help educate and broaden the perspectives of both colleages and customers. With the new knowledge, I hope to inspire others to look at a more holistic view on packaging and how the packaging materials and technologies interact with each other.

Q6: Do you have any advice on why other people should complete the Diploma in Packaging Technology?

The Diploma in Packaging Technology gives the students a good perspective in the different packaging technologies. It gives a good understanding of the different types of packaging especially for those who have little educational background on packaging. To be able to fully maximise the course, it is important that the student is committed to learning about packaging and they must have the initiative to do additional research on the subjects.

Q7: So where to from here for your career?

From here, there are two things that I would like to achieve for my advancement. First is to take the Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) exam and the Second is to have further studies on packaging sustainability.

Q8: Will you consider applying to become a Certified Packaging Professional in Training as your next professional development stage?

One of my goals prior to enrolling in the Diploma of Packaging Technology is to acquire the Certified Packaging Professional Designation. While reviewing the requirements of the CPP designation, I found that one of the best paths to choose for packaging professionals without packaging education background is the Diploma of Packaging Technology which is why I opted to completed the diploma prior to application for CPP.