The AIP would like to congratulate our latest Diploma in Packaging Technology Graduate, Shabbeer Ahmed Shaik Mohammed Dip.Pkg.Tech. MAIP, Packaging Engineer, Fresh Meals Solutions, ITQ – R&D, One Global Meals, General Mills is the AIP’s latest Diploma in Packaging Technology graduate and the AIP asked him what he has learnt during his studies…

SEP2020_Profile_Shabbeer_Mohammed_34%Q1: What is your current role? What are your areas of responsibility?

Shabbeer: I am currently working as a Packaging Engineer at General Mills primarily focussed on FMS (Fresh Meals Solutions) business in the Australian market. My key responsibilities involves managing packaging projects, supporting packaging development which includes innovation, renovation and cost saving exercises, providing technical support to the project teams and most recently, exploring recyclable options and solutions as part of our company’s packaging sustainability ambition.

Q2: What does graduating from the Diploma in Packaging Technology mean to you?

Shabbeer: It definitely means a lot to me, especially when coming from a pharmaceutical and quality background. It all started 4 years ago when I challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone and explore new areas. My colleague at work recommended me to take up this course and with the help of my company’s support, I enrolled in the Diploma in Packaging Technology Degree. In this journey, this course has truly guided me to understand the key aspects of packaging, literally from scratch. I must say here, my company has immense faith in me and supported unconditionally in my packaging career evolution process. General Mills and the AIP are my key ingredients in this success recipe.

Q3: How will you apply this knowledge moving forward?

Shabbeer: Speaking in packaging terms, I can use the right materials and tools to design my packaging career, calibrate my packaging performance while interacting with key stake holders and peers, have more confidence to try new things through trials and successfully keep launching myself into the market through packaging. I have received a great exposure on different packaging materials and their properties which I think is definitely valuable. Also, as sustainability topic is the new normal these days, I am really keen to apply my learnings in this area and be a force for good in protecting our planet earth.

Q4: Do you have any advice on why other people should complete the Diploma in Packaging Technology?

Shabbeer: Simply put, you need to learn alphabets before writing essays and this Degree exactly does that. Packaging is just not about boxes or plastic as most believe. It is a science in itself and to excel you need to have a command on the basics first. So, I highly recommend this Degree, if you are really keen to surf or dive into the packaging ocean.

Q5: So where to from here for your career?

Shabbeer: It is time to accelerate. I am already enjoying and growing in my packaging career by applying the knowledge that I acquired through this Diploma. Graduating with a Diploma in Packaging Technology Degree is a boost now. I am currently leading a few sustainability projects in my company which I am really excited about and really hoping this journey will open new doors for me to step up in my career.

Q6: Will you consider applying to become a Certified Packaging Professional in Training as your next professional development stage?

Shabbeer: Of course, if I have a chance why not. I am trying to understand more about this and assessing how it can help me more in my job activities. I will reach out to the AIP for guidance.

The Diploma in Packaging Technology is a PIABC accredited Level 5 qualification which is internationally recognised for those wishing to pursue a career in the packaging industry or for those who are already in the industry and who wish to extend their knowledge and expertise. It has been offered by the AIP continuously for forty years and has an exemplary record of successful students. The Diploma in Packaging Technology prepares students to take responsibility for packaging operations at any level through the supply chain. The qualification is comprehensive, and provides an opportunity to study the principles of packaging, packaging materials and packaging processes