diploma-graduate-max-harrison-400pxThe AIP would like to congratulate our latest Diploma in Packaging Technology Graduate, Max Harrison MAIP, Account Management, Hum Energy. Internationally recognised as the premier qualification in the packaging industry the Diploma in Packaging Technology is a Level 5 PIABC, 51-credit foundation degree-level qualification that prepares students to take responsibility for packaging operations at any level through the supply chain and can also lead to higher level study. Max kindly shared with the AIP what he learnt during his studies…

1. What is your current role? What are your areas of responsibility?

My current role is Account Management, looking after our valued customers at Hum Energy in the Gold Coast – not for a packaging company at the moment. Family has moved me away from industrial zones but 10 years in packaging is sorely missed.

2. What does graduating from the Diploma in Packaging Technology mean to you?

The Diploma in Packaging Technology was great to prove to myself that I can still apply study skills in post graduate capacity, and a step up in understanding and appreciating all the steps taken to produce consumer products.

3. How will you apply this knowledge moving forward?

Being out of the packaging industry for 6 months I am now applying the complexities of packaging to the complexities of energy and they do have parallels!

4. Do you have any advice on why other people should complete the Diploma in Packaging Technology?

Undertaking a Diploma in Packaging Technology is truly applicable knowledge for the vast packaging industry, with the final research project feeling like a real achievement to undertake and tangibly show your understanding of the topic.

5. So where to from here for your career?

Finishing the Diploma in Packaging Technology has proved I would enjoy continuing post graduate studies!

6. Will you consider applying to become a Certified Packaging Professional as your next professional development stage?

Being in the energy industry, it is unlikely but who knows – there is always a future in packaging for me now. Thanks AIP!

The Diploma in Packaging Technology has been designed to take in to account the experiences of training through the pandemic and the results of research undertaken on the ideal learner journey. The course is comprised of short, bite-sized modules that you can study at a time and pace to suit you on a variety of devices.

Completion of the Diploma in Packaging Technology demonstrates your commitment to your career and to the industry.
Students who successfully complete the Diploma in Packaging Technology are equipping themselves for progression within the packaging industry to a position where they can assume responsibility for packaging in a company at any point in the supply chain.

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