10 months since the rebrand of SOTA Packaging to Zipform Packaging the company is seeing more and more interest in its packaging formats both in linear form composite packs and rigid paperboard packs.

2019-zipform-grows-fig-290pxThe retailers’ and brand-owners’ self-declared recyclability targets are certainly driving a new sense of urgency and interest in other packaging substrates and innovative packaging solutions. As we are now already well into 2019, those targets are looming ever larger on the horizon!

With respect to the business, in the second half of 2018, the company joined APCO and has been actively engaged in discussing with potential customers the application of the PREP tool and the linkage to the ARL for brand-owners.

In parallel, the linear forming composite pack production line is going from strength to strength as more and more volume flows through; the flexibility of the line with respect to product formats has proven itself time and time again in the ability to respond at short notice to customer demands and on long runs is achieving world-class efficiencies and spoilage.

The business has also grown its strong links with the AIP engaging at several levels, for example as part of the initial group reviewing the AIP’s involvement and support of the CRC Food Waste initiative, as well as at a more tangible level supporting the charitable activities of Foodbank VIC.

In late March Zipform Packaging will be appearing on ERC’s stand H144 at AUSPACK (26th-29th March 2019) where there will be a sealing machine demonstrating the simplicity of the sealing of the pack format and adaptability to existing filling facilities.

In the market, excitement continues to grow around Zipform Packaging’s composite pack including both round and non-round packs unique to Zipform’s manufacturing process. This combined with the opportunity to extend shelf life, recyclability, ovenability (conventional & microwave) and the possible application to different markets has developed great interest across the industry.

Not least of which has been the enthusiasm from brand marketers and creatives who recognise the opportunities to increase promotional activity through the flexibility in pack height in conjunction with the multitude of printing options for the facing of the packs, remembering it’s not a post-applied label but an integral part of the pack making it a potent vehicle for product marketing and brand integrity.

2019-zipform-grows-fig2-290pxAside from composite packs the business has continued to drive growth in other sectors such as dairy and ice cream. It is very pleasing to see so many of the packs on shelf now at major retailers.

John Bigley, CEO comments: “It has certainly been an exciting introduction into the business for me and I am lucky to have a great team of packaging expertise within the business; customers today don’t necessarily have the resources to be able to fully flesh out a sustainable packaging solution. That is where we can really help as a business and in effect act as packaging consultants to develop what solution might fit best for their product, delivering sustainability in the broadest sense of the word with an economic and environmentally improved solution.”

“I remain convinced that more and more customers will see the benefit of packaging solutions like ours to help safely protect not only their products but their bottom line in the future. Our engagement in Fight Food Waste and other industry-leading initiatives clearly demonstrates our credentials in providing such solutions.” Mr Bigley said.

For more information contact: johnb@zipformpackaging.com.au