2024-to-2026-NEW-WPO-VPsNewly appointed President of the World Packaging Organisation (WPO), Luciana Pellegrino formally announced today her new Executive Team that will take over the WPO’s four Vice Presidencies – Marketing, Education, Sustainability & Save Food, and Governance.

With the announcement Luciana Pellegrino introduced a slight modification whereby the previous role of VP for Conferences now will be merged under the Marketing Portfolio with Soha Atallah as the new Vice President.

She also announced a new Portfolio – Governance; based on one of the key pillars of her tenure which will focus on best practices, governance and transparency. Magnus Sidling will be responsible for the Governance portfolio.

Continuing on as Vice President of Sustainability & Save Food is Nerida Kelton FAIP and the new Vice President of Education is Kofi Essuman.

‘Firstly may I take this opportunity to congratulate the other three Vice Presidents and welcome Kofi and Magnus to the WPO Executive Team. It truly is an honour to have been confirmed as the Vice President of Sustainability & Save Food under our new President Luciana Pellegrino.  The Sustainability & Save Food portfolio has an amazing, passionate and dedicated working group that represents all corners of the globe  and we have some exciting projects and initiatives planned for 2024 and beyond. I am extremely passionate about Sustainability & Save Food and appreciate the opportunity to continue to raise the global voice about these critical topics. The first program under the Sustainability & Save Food portfolio for 2024 will be a webinar on the 22nd of February discussing the Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) updates and all of industry is invited to attend.” Nerida Kelton FAIP, Vice President Sustainability & Save Food, WPO

 Register for the Webinar here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_9uRdmW9RT9mtfZP7OvOznQ#/registration