Wilsen-Kannan-400pxQ1: Why did you join the AIP?

The reason I joined the AIP is mainly because of my interest in innovation, design and technology that involves the Consumer Product Goods industry.  The AIP is a recognised professional body that is well-known for its involvement in the Packaging Industry globally.  I was recommended to join the AIP by an ex-colleague as the Institute provides you with the necessary skills and education in order for you to take your packaging knowledge through to the next level through its courses and exposure.  I believe those who are a part of the AIP are able to gain experience working in different countries within Australasia.  I also wish to gain experience, as well as understanding about how different packaging mechanisms work in different countries.  I believe that through the AIP, I will be able to attain necessary requirements to complete both the CPIT examination, as well as attaining the full Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) titles in future.


Q2: How long have you been in the industry and what are your areas of expertise?

I have been working in the Packaging Industry for about 3 years and to be honest, it is really a challenging and innovative industry.  The industry is changing so quickly that packaging demand and product demand is at the same level.  Working in a Packaging development role has taught me how the consumer behaves when they are in the shopping aisle.  From how a decision is made to purchase a product just based on packaging design captures my interest on how the whole Packaging industry functions.  My area of expertise is developing and performing tests on plastic based packaging, as well as paper packaging, for the personal care and hygiene industry.


Q3: What is your current role and what are your responsibilities?

My current role is as a Packaging Engineer for SEA region supporting not only local markets, but countries around the South East Asia Region, as well certain Latin America Region.  My current responsibilities focus on packaging development activities which involves driving down material usage as well as assisting on new packaging development activities related to machinery upgrade;  not forgetting the ever-important reducing plastic packaging waste by using less plastic in our packaging of new products.