Aeson Materials was established in Australia in 2019 to sell and distribute environmentally friendly packaging products.  They sell products produced by Shanlian, third party manufacturers who use Shanlian granulated product and other environmentally friendly packaging products.

Aeson Material sells and distributes Shanlian’s granulated products, Shanlian’s corrugated board, corrugated boxes and tapes, Mould injected products for the food services industry: plates, cutlery, straws, cups, containers, trays, coffee cups, lids etc, Films and Labels.

Shanlian produces a granulated product, MU, that can be extruded or injection moulded into products that are currently produced with plastic materials. The granulated product, MU, is produced from 65% calcium carbonate (clay), 30% polypropylene, 5% additives, maintains the performance of a traditional polypropylene product, water resistant, chemical attachment resistant and rub resistant.  The granulated products provides the following benefits: Excellent printability, Excellent opacity, Melting Point 210 230 C, Good glueability. Food Safety Benefits include: MU products are approved for direct food contact and meets FDA food safety standard FDA 21 CFR177.1520, have passed heavy metal and BPA migration testing and EU 10/2011 Annex III and IV. Shanlian doesn’t use water in the manufacturing process and MU products will biodegrade in landfill in two years (Currently being tested at a US laboratory).  MU products will photodegrade in direct sunlight in two years, and can be recycled back into their operation.

Aeson Background

Aeson Material are a sister company of Shanlian New Materials which was formed in 2008.  Shanlian New Materials was initially established as an R&D company to develop a biodegradable material that could replace plastic using Calcium Carbonate (CaCo 3).  In 2014, Shanlian New Materials commenced manufacturing granulated bio degradable material in Zhejiang, China and in 2019, started up a larger scale manufacturing operation with downstream converting at its new facility on a 7 hectare site.  They also produce Tapes, Corrugated Board, Film and Labels from its biodegradable material.


For more information on how Aeson Material can help you please contact:
William Weng Wu AAIP
General Manager
PH: 03 9545 5993