As a part of the Australian Institute of Packaging’s commitment to the SAVE FOOD Initiative by FAO, the National Food Waste Strategy, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12:3 the Institute is focused on education and training programs that can assist with minimising food waste and loss globally. With this, the AIP developed a half-day training course on The Role of Packaging in Minimising Food Waste which they ran in July in New South Wales. The course is run by Dr Karli Verghese FAIP, who is the Reducing Supply Chain Losses Research Program Leader of the newly-formed Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre.

On an unusually warm winter’s day in Sydney participants gathered to learn more on food loss and waste and discussed packaging’s role. With representation from primary producers, brand manufacturers, packaging companies, designers, academics and State government the conversation was lively with great sharing of the issues and challenges that we all face in understanding the complexities. These can include current set up of operations, infrastructure, selection of materials, product characteristics, customer requirements, and consumer behaviour. There are many opportunities where packaging can help in reducing food loss and waste such as cushioning of produce from farm to shelf, appropriate serving sizes and portioning, and sealability of packs. Fit for purpose product-packaging design that balances the selection of packaging materials with protecting all of the resources that went into growing and producing food was also covered in the half day course. The importance of whole of life cycle design was also evident with discussion also centring on the goal of selecting materials that consumers can separate for appropriate end of life waste management.

The next stop on the AIP roadshow will be Auckland, New Zealand as a part of FoodTech PackTech on the 19th September; with all of industry invited to attend.Limited places are available so please don’t delay in booking your spot. Book on-line via or email for more information