APCO_Packaging-Materials-Flow-Analysis-2019_283pxAPCO has today launched Packaging Materials Flow Analysis (MFA), a new report developed in partnership with the Institute of Sustainable Futures (ISF) mapping the current state of post-consumer packaging in Australia. The report highlights a compelling need to improve packaging recovery and recycling rates across all material streams. In 2017/18 Australia generated an estimated 4.4 million tonnes of total packaging waste, with 68% of this collected, and 56% of the collection total recovered by recycling efforts. This ranged from 32% for plastics and up to 72% for paper streams – highlighting the significant opportunity to improve waste management practices to achieve higher recovery rates. A critical first step in achieving the 2025 National Packaging Targets, the report outlines the current journey of Australia’s packaging waste from bin to landfill or reprocessing, identifies significant data and infrastructure challenges in the system and models five potential solutions for the future.

Download Report: https://lnkd.in/gXatE7s