The University of Melbourne and the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) would like to offer your company the opportunity to engage students from the Master of Food and Packaging Innovation (MFPI) for an industry internship in 2018. The Master course is a joint initiative between the University of Melbourne and the AIP.

The MFPI is a unique post-graduate Degree, training students to be well rounded professionals in the area of NPD as well as food packaging processes and design.

Students completing this two-year Degree study subjects in the areas of food science, food safety, packaging materials and processes, packaging design, consumer behaviour, product innovation, entrepreneurship, business management and marketing.

So how will your company benefit from a MFPI intern?

Find Future Employees

Taking an MFPI intern provides an ideal opportunity to assess your potential future employees. Students from the Master of Food Packaging and Innovation have the knowledge, skills, drive and enthusiasm to be highly successful employees, and potentially future leaders, in the food and food packaging industries.

Increase Productivity

MFPI interns are highly motivated and ready to tackle whatever tasks you give them. This internship provides a great opportunity to receive some extra help with research or projects that you are having difficulty finding the time or resources to complete. In addition, the interns bring with them a fresh pair of eyes that can inspire new ideas and help to problem solve. It is also worth noting that many of our interns have worked in a diverse range of fields prior to undertaking the Master Degree and bring with them a range of skills obtained through previous employment.

Support Students

Hosting an intern supports industry development and the future leaders of the food and food packaging sectors. Be a part of a student’s career journey by giving them invaluable practical experience in their chosen field. In addition, you can help them to further develop their workplace skills and facilitate the establishment of networks and professional contacts.

MFPI students are required to undertake 120-200 hours of work as part of their internship. These hours can be taken over weeks or months, depending on the needs of the company.

Immediate Interns Available
The program has two 2x students who are requiring an immediate internship. Please let the AIP know ASAP if you would like these two students.

If you are interested in taking an intern in 2018 or would like more information, please email