Foodbank-2020-hunger-report-290pxFoodbank shines a light on the issue of Food Insecurity in the midst of a Global Pandemic in their 2020 Hunger Report.

This report is unlike any previous Foodbank Hunger Report as it presents a picture of food insecurity in the midst of a once-in-100-year crisis.

COVID-19 is having a profound effect on every aspect of people’s lives, so it is not surprising that it is impacting the food security of Australians.

This report looks at how COVID-19, and the responses of governments, businesses and individuals to the pandemic, are affecting the ability of people to have food for themselves and their families.

3 in 10 food insecure Aussies had never gone hungry before the pandemic & 35% don’t believe they’ll cope after government assistance is wound back.

Charities believe they will need up to extra 2.7 million meals/month once Job Seeker and Job Keeper is reduced.


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