In today’s challenging packaging environment, you can’t afford to make mistakes or overlook the critical details that cost precious time and money. You need the knowledge—from materials properties and selection to transport packaging issues—that can help you make better decisions regarding your company’s packaging dollars—now. The Fundamentals of Packaging Technology (FPT) on-line course is set up for the convenience of busy working professionals, and the training platform is functionally intuitive.

Now available exclusively via the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) in Australasia we are pleased to advise that the first two graduates Daniela Stinger AAIP, Innovation Technologist, Sealord Group Ltd and Julie Ann Cuya MAIP, Packaging Specialist, Oleo-Fats Inc have provided their views on the course…

Stringer,-Daniela-2020-AIP-IOPP-FPT-cert-300PXWhat made you decide to undertake the Fundamentals of Packaging Technology (FPT) Course?

Daniela: The contents of the FPT course seemed comprehensive and with the right technical level. The idea was to enhance my knowledge of packaging from a science and technology perspective to support my current role in R&D.

Julie: I had been researching for a detailed on-line course on basics of packaging for quite some time. I really wanted to broaden my knowledge on packaging technology so I thought I needed to do some studying, but it had to be flexible with my time at work. So when I came across the AIP and learned that they were offering the On-line FPT course, it was the perfect solution.

How long did the FPT Course take and was it flexible for your working hours?

Daniela: Less than a year and yes it was quite flexible. I could have completed it faster but several projects within my role took priority.

Julie: It took me 8 months to finish the whole course. Yes it was flexible since I was able to spend an hour or two to go through each module.

What modules and lesson bundles stood out as the most interesting?

Daniela: I found that the Polymers, flexible packaging, moulding and extrusion modules were all interesting. Also all the ones referring to plastics, as it was an area I was not that familiar with, but having a Food Engineering background helped me to understand the chemistry side of those modules. I did learn interesting facts with every module though.

Julie: Every module was interesting for me, especially those that I have not been working on in my current job or have an interest in, but was not just able to learn in detail before. To name some Market Research, Graphic Design, Colour Perception, Box Compression Strength Workshop, Filling System, Special Designs and Sustainable Packaging were also interesting modules.

Cuya,-Julie-Ann-2020-AIP-IOPP-FPT-cert-300PXDid you find the On-line FPT course easy to do?

Daniela: Yes.

Julie: Yes and fun, especially the spot checks.

Would you recommend this course to others?

Daniela: Absolutely, the knowledge I gained through completing the FPT course can be applied in a wide number of roles within many industries, not only food and beverage.

Julie: If other people want to have a learning foundation on packaging technology or simply have a refresher course but are not able to do so due to resource availability and/or accessibility, this course is a great tool.

How does it feel to be the first person in New Zealand to complete the full FPT course?

Daniela: I was a bit surprised.

How does it feel to be the first person in the Philippines to complete the full FPT course?

Julie: Surprised as I didn’t know that I am the first person to complete the course from my country.

With 50 CPP points now attained towards your Certified Packaging Professional Designation (CPP) are you looking to pursue this next?

Daniela: Yes, that is the plan, when time allows.

Julie: Yes definitely.

Complete your training when your time allows, and at your own pace. Wherever you are, the course goes with you. Take the complete course and learn about all the major segments of packaging—and beyond. Or customise your training by selecting from 12 lesson bundles organised by topic, or from single lessons as short as 30 minutes. Fundamentals on-line spans 42 modules and 27 hours of content that is recognised for its quality by the World Packaging Organisation. The Fundamentals of Packaging Technology on-line course is ideal training to prepare for the Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) exam offered through the AIP. The FPT course is available exclusively in Australasia through the AIP.