CPIT-wilsen-kannan-450pxWilsen Kannan makes history as the first Certified Packaging Professional in Training (CPIT) for Malaysia; offered exclusively through the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP).

The Certified Packaging Professional In Training (CPIT)® designation is a registered trademark of the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) and is now internationally recognised by both IoPP and AIP.  If you are wanting to jumpstart your packaging career, are new to the industry or looking to gain non-technical knowledge and understanding of packaging then the Certified Packaging Professional in Training (CPI) designation is perfect.

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) asked Wilsen about what the Certified Packaging Professional in Training (CPIT) Designation means to him…

Q1: How long have you been in the industry?  What are your areas of expertise?

I have been in this industry for 3 years mainly for consumer goods packaging within the personal care industry.  My area of expertise is more on the secondary packaging either flexible or rigid packaging as well as packaging related activities related to the outer packaging.

Q2:  What made you apply for the Certified Packaging Professional in Training (CPIT) Designation?

The reason I enrolled in the CPIT program is because it shows that you are keen on learning and developing your packaging knowledge as well as showing genuine interest in the industry.

Q3: How important is attaining the CPIT designation to you as an individual?

Attaining the CPIT and then ultimately the CPP is important since it acknowledges me as an individual who is keen on packaging related activities around the world and it gives you a satisfactory feeling of accomplishment of attaining the designation and recognition.

Q4: What is it like knowing that you are the first CPIT in Malaysia?

To be honest, I was overjoyed when I heard the news.  The reason behind it is because the packaging industry here in Malaysia has only just become quite active especially since citizens  are aware of the importance of Packaging and sustainability.  Being the first CPIT in my country will definitely boost my credential in the future.

Q5: How does the CPIT and then the CPP designation help someone who is either new to the industry or for someone looking to gain non-technical packaging knowledge for their role?

The CPIT & CPP designation will help an individual to better understand Packaging and its role within different nations.

Q6: How important is the CPIT and then CPP designation for the greater recognition of new people in to the packaging industry?

The CPIT is important for new individuals as it gives you a basic understanding in general about Packaging and its role.  The CPP on the other hand, shows that you are someone who has acquired  relevant experience as well as being more involved in the Packaging related activities scene around the world, this is a key for newcomers as packaging technology  & awareness are changing at fast pace.