2017_post_AUG_HBM_KCMT_Pouches_machine_330Designed and manufactured by Pouch Machine Corp of Canada, this semi-automatic pouch filling machine is suitable for small to medium businesses wishing to take the step up from manual production.

The M7 Pouch Machine’s main function is to open, fill and seal, stand-up pouches with wet or dry product. Available in single or twin head models, the M7 is easily integrated with different filler types (auger, piston, linear weighers) or product can be loaded manually. Single head models are capable of outputs up to 15 (M7) or up to 20 (M7 PRO) pouches per minute.

The M7 can handle a large range of bag sizes (80mm-320mm wide) with fill weights from 10g to 25kg in multiple pouch formats including side gusset, spout, handled, shaped and 3 sided (flat) pouch.

This versatile, compact pouch machine features stainless steel construction and is controlled by PLC. Mounted onto lockable castors and with several washdown options, it is ideal to be wheeled in and out of food production lines.

Suitable applications include fruit and vegetables, liquid food, confectionery, snacks, tea & coffee, seafood, pet food, powder, granules, and household products.

Machine options include: pouch printer/labeller, thermal embossing, gas flush, dust extraction port, zipper opener, outfeed conveyor, scoop inserter, product settler, bespoke seal bar. A two year warranty is offered by the manufacturer.

Pouch Machine Corp is proudly represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging Technologies


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