2018_WPO_awards_harry_lovellDuring the 2018 WorldStar Packaging Awards, which were held as a part of the recent 2018 AIP National Conference, the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) honoured four Lifetime Achievement Awards from across the globe with the final awardee of the evening being our very own Emeritus Professor Harry Lovell, OAM, FAIP. The Lifetime Achievement in Packaging Award was established with the aim of acknowledging and rewarding excellence in all aspects of packaging science, technology, design and application across every country around the world. The discipline of packaging is one that is truly global. The World Packaging Organisation is in a unique position to identify leading practitioners from around the world who have consistently pushed the boundaries in advancing the art, science and application of packaging to serve the needs of an ever more demanding society. These prestigious awards will celebrate and preserve in perpetuity the collective achievements of these innovators.

Emeritus. Prof Harry Lovell, OAM, FAIP attended the evening with his wife Nora and son David and received his Lifetime Achievement Award to a 500-person standing ovation. Professor Harry Lovell has practically devoted his entire life to furthering education; in particular through the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP). His prime focus has been to impart knowledge and teach others. Harry was instrumental in reinvigorating the Australian Institute of Packaging, not only as an educational body, but also a business unit during his terms as National President in 1990s. The development of a successful suite of educational and technical solutions for members was underpinned through the establishment of a successful collaborative network between leading packaging technologists across Australia and also leading firms focused on the manufacture of packaged goods. Harry has had many appointments over the years, sat on various judging panels, published numerous articles on food technology and packaging as well as delivering numerous papers across the globe.

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) are extremely proud and for Harry to be recognised in front of his peers, mentees and family was a rare moment that all whom attended will hold dear.