The ability to attract bright young people and develop their critical thinking emerged as the key themes at the PKN + Food & Drink Business Women in Packaging breakfast panel, held at the AIP Technical Forum.

Hosted by PKN Packaging News editor Lindy Hughson, the panel comprised three leading lights in the packaging world, all committed to the development of the industry.

Discussing the issue were Liza Vernalls, director of packaging at Campbell Arnott’s; Nerida Kelton, executive director of the AIP; and Dr Rym Kachouri, APPMA board member and general manager for service and agency products at automation and robotics specialist Foodmach.

Engaging with young people and providing appealing pathways to their entry is central to the growth strategy of every industry, and packaging is no exception. However, with so much competition for bright young minds the questions posed by Hughson were how should packaging go about presenting itself as a positive and fulfilling career choice? And what kind of people should it be attracting? What kind of training should it be providing?

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Women in Packaging is a PKN Packaging News + Food & Drink Business event. It was presented in collaboration with the AIP at the 2019 AIP Packaging Technical Forum.