The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) is extremely proud that one of our Members, Anhely Millan MAIP has published a new book called ‘The World Behind Recycling’ which is an educational book for young children that talks about how recyclability helps to protect our planet.

sustainability_for_kids_400pxThe book answers all of the hard questions from a young child’s perspective.

  • Have you ever looked at a product and wondered whether it is recyclable?
  • Do you know what happens after you throw your waste away and how this waste is sorted and repurposed?
  • Mr. Bin will travel with you through the recycling world to discover all the secrets behind recyclability.

Young Children will learn how to recycle at home, the different materials that can be recycled, and the wonderful recycling processes.

After embarking on this journey, they will no longer see waste in the same way.  They will make changes to their day-to-day activities that can change the world, help create a better and cleaner planet, and most importantly, protect their future. Recycling is just one simple thing we all can do; even the youngest children.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of this book please contact us