The Australian Institute of Packaging joined industry leaders and stakeholders at the National Plastics Summit in Canberra this week. Delegates shared their take-aways with PKN.


“One of the main themes that pervaded the summit was the vital role that consumer education plays in not only meeting our 2025 National Packaging Targets but, more importantly, to ensure that consumers are included in the sustainable journey the industry is currently undertaking,” says AIP executive director, Nerida Kelton.

“Communication is key to educate consumers on everything from the use of the ARL [Australian Recycling Label] on-pack to understanding why a brand is using recycled content in their packaging.

“We all have a role to play and I walked away from the summit enthused that all parts of the value chain are wanting the same outcomes for the industry. A starting point is continuing the collaboration and open dialogue that we had at the summit.”

The AIP was also invited by the federal government to participate in the Children’s Summit that was held alongside the event. The AIP was tasked with spending the day with the children and helping them to understand the important role that packaging plays in society, and each of the different materials used, particularly soft plastics. The AIP representative was education director Prof Pierre Pienaar who also had the opportunity to represent the World Packaging Organisation, in his capacity as president, at the significant event.

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Courtesy of PKN Packaging News