Post_dec2017_allan_kenny_main_400pxThe AIP is pleased to advise that Allan Kenny FAIP has been awarded his 50 year Membership commemoration. The AIP asked Allan for his views on 50 years in Packaging… 

The presentation is a great honour and very humbling to me and I want to thank the Board for making it in recognition of my 50 years as a member. I have always believed that as in any award one gives not to be recognised but to enjoy the rewards and satisfaction from the achievements of having done something effective.

I have felt it a privilege to have been a member for this duration and enjoyed being part of and seeing the development of many people as they like me progressed through their careers in Packaging. As an industry that for so many once ‘in it’ and rarely ‘left’ and that is witnessed by so many who have stayed for the duration of their working careers. I have been fortunate to have accepted the opportunity to accept various roles in the Institute through the years being involved with both State – later to become Branch and National positions. This has led to long and lasting friendships and has provided one avenue through this involvement to use those links with peers to develop the knowledge base and skill set used in my workplace.

When I joined in 1967 much of the early development of the AIP constitution was taking place with State Branches running separately to National and at least in Victoria much of the time in Meetings was related to discussion on the Constitution, Rules and By-Laws. The thirst for knowledge was high on the agenda with frequent plant tours. Education was based around them and a 2-year certificate course run over 3 hours on a Friday night at RMIT in Melbourne with a similar course in Sydney. The lecturers were provided by industry.

The Packaging industry in Victoria in 1976 was essentially made up of 1 major steel can company, 1 glass company, 6 corrugated companies, Several Paper label and Carton board suppliers, 2 main Closures and a fledgling flexible film industry. How things have changed with the disappearance of almost all of them. My recollection working at Kraft foods was that ‘reps’ would come and visit on a regular schedule to discuss problems, new developments, opportunities and forward orders –probably in that order. A vast difference to where it had moved to when I retired 15 years ago with JIT deliveries, long term negotiations, discounts etc. in the agreements.

I have a strong belief that Education is one of the most valuable tools the Institute has to gain recognition and is very pleased to read of the recognition with the Federal Government through the Sustainable Packaging Award in the last week.

To all aspiring Packaging Technologists can I strongly encourage you to get involved with your local AIP branch in whatever way you can, use that opportunity to meet up with others, learn from them and develop your skills. Also spread the word by being involved at conferences; educate yourself through peers, seminars and any formal courses available.