The Master of Food and Packaging Innovation (MFPI) is an inter-disciplinary degree which was developed as a joint University of Melbourne and Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) initiative. Students learn various subjects in food science, entrepreneurship and innovation in product and packaging design.

MFPI students are required to undertake approx. 200 hours of work as part of their internship and the AIP is calling on all industry to become involved in the program. These hours can be taken over weeks or months, depending on the needs of the company. Some of the students have had work experience with the food industry here and overseas, prior to commencing their Masters degree.

MFPI students have knowledge, skills, drive and enthusiasm to be highly successful employees. Hosting an intern would provide companies some extra help with projects that have not been conducted due to competing priorities and/or resources. Feedback from previous and current hosts also tells us the interns bring with them a fresh pair of eyes that can inspire new ideas and help to problem solve. Hosting an intern not only supports new development and innovation of the food industry, but also develops the future workforce for our industry. Be a part of a student’s career journey by giving them invaluable practical experience in their chosen field.

If your company is interested in having an Intern, please email info@aipack.com.au for more information.